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Quarantine Day 54

Day 54.

Week 8. Day 4.

On Day 54 of quarantine, I”m going to take a break from my daily update and simply ask for you to pray. I’ve got some things I’m asking the Lord for and some ways I’m asking him to work. And I’m sure most of you could easily echo those two statements. He may answer them in the way I am asking or He may change my heart in them. Both of those options are answers... I would just prefer one over the other.

I hate unspoken prayer requests. Mainly because of... well... curiosity. So please know these are nothing tragic or crazy, just some stuff that’s currently on my heart and specific things I’d like to see happen. And while you are praying for me…. How can I pray for you?

Specifics not required.

Because you know… curiosity killed the cat. But is that really a bad thing? The curiosity killing the cat. Ok. I’ll stop now. My friends with cats… please don’t hate me.

Don’t worry I didn’t run out of dresses... more dress pictures are coming.

Also, I left the house in my slippers today. So there’s that.


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