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Quarantine Day 56

Day 56.

Week 8. Day 6.

SUNSHINE!!!! Glorious sunshine. Do I really need to say anything more?

1. Gold sparkle shoes for the win today. The sun makes them extra sparkly and thus extra happy. #gold #sparkles

2. And got to run outside at the park. You guys, how glorious was this weather today. #runmichigan

3. How cute is this crew? Got to have some fun with the teens and their zoom meeting today. They played Family Feud. None of them knew what the word mink was. Also they failed at the question: What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Weirdly brush your teeth wasn’t on that list. This concerns me. Also, please notice that Toby Powers is not on this zoom call but somehow is the background picture of several of his friends. #sofunny

4. It’s official! We get to start gathering with the church physically again at the beginning of June. Lots of safety precautions for sure, but seriously I can’t wait to see all your faces. #gathertogether #soexcited

5. In light of the super nice weather, how about some floral? #dressesfordays


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