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Quarantine Day 57

Day 57.

Week 8. Day 7.

And on the last day of week 8. WE GOT SMALL GROUP PRIVILEGES BACK!!!

1. I made a pot of coffee today. It has a water reservoir. I’m not sure how long the water in there was actually in there for. I went for it anyway. Livin’ life on the wild side over here.

2. I made brownies today. But here’s my dilemma. If the recipe calls for 2 eggs and you crack the first egg and it has two yolks…. WHAT DO YOU DO?!? You guys!!! I was so confused. I started over.

3. And on the first day of small group privileges you go to The Hot Dog Stand stand and you go eat in the park. Not one single person had a mask on. Life felt normal. My soul is happy. Also the root beer from The Hot Dog stand changed my life. Also, also… confession: I don’t eat hotdogs. #normal #yes

4. And a bonfire. #thisismyfave Also, a dog tried to pee on my camping chair. A friend saved it. That's a good friend. The dog well. I'll keep my thoughts on that one to myself.

5. I love love love this dress. It just feels super girlie. I need more reasons to wear this dress. #dressesfordays


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