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Quarantine Day 58

Day 58.

Week 9. Day 1.

June 12. I have no words.

1. The heat is officially turned off in the building. I appreciate that it was a 70 something degree day that this change had to happen on. Confession. I will still be using my personal heater at my feet in my office though. I might have a problem. #heatobsessed

2. You guys! I got to hold a baby for the first time since quarantine today. Check out these baby thighs. They are the best. My heart is full. #babiesarethebest

3. Braked for some ducks today. They should try this whole stay home stay safe. #stayhomestaysafe

4. And another bonfire. I’m doing pretty good at this whole bonfire things. #lovethem

5. Gray and sparkles. Yes please. #dressesfordays


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