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Quarantine Day 59

Day 59.

Week 9. Day 2.

Today I was supposed to run a marathon. And then well… Covid happened…. And everything got cancelled. So…

1. Rather than run a marathon, I decided to run on the treadmill. Why I ran on the treadmill inside when it is 70 degrees outside, I have no idea. Feel free to question my sanity now. #runmichigan

2. Braked for chickens today. #stayhomestaysafe

3. Also, did something I’ve never done before today. Rode in a UTV. Even got to drive it. I think race car driver can be added to my resume now. There was an Amish couple with me. My hair is currently caked in a layer of dirt. So much randomness happening right here. #sofast #sofun

4. And coffee. Because well, coffee. Enough said. #coffee

5. So many black dresses. I know. #dressesfordays


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