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Quarantine Day 6

Day 6.

144 hours.

I decided to live life to the fullest today….

1. And obviously living life to the fullest must always involve a princess dress and a tiara. Three days in jeans was more than enough and so today I skipped the leggings and went straight for the princess dress. If me putting on a pink princess dress in a house by myself doesn’t make you laugh… you are for sure dead on the inside. And I for sure wore the tiara All. Day. Long. #channelingmyinnerprincess #tiarasmakeeverythingbetter

2. Flowers. Real. Live. Beautiful. Flowers. My instinct is to bring them to my nose and smell them. But I currently have no sense of smell.... so I’m imagining that they smell lovely. And what a lovely surprise they were. Thank you Mark and Debbie. You know how to make a girl feel special for sure! Love you guys! #suchafunsurprise #lovely

3. You’ll all be happy to know that I’m still working on that cooking thing….If you can count cooking twice in one week as working on it. Buffalo cauliflower for the win. #yum

4. It hurt me a little but I packed up the puzzle I finished yesterday and broke open this new one. And that is as far as I got. The thought of turning over 2000 pieces did me in. My puzzle superpowers do not extend to turning all the pieces over. That’s just a lot of work. #boo

5. Just a little reminder that reality is easily manipulated for the camera. It’s pretty easy to make life look pretty fabulous for Instagram or Facebook. I have fun doing it. Searching the day for little things in life to share with laughter and sarcasm has been a ton of fun and given me something to look forward to throughout the day. But the reality is when the tiara comes off real life often carries a lot of stress and frustrations. Today was one of those days where I was reminded of that. And probably why I wore the tiara all day. Maybe it’s not stress and frustration for you. Maybe it’s fear or sadness or depression or any other emotion you are struggling with. And in that, I’m reminded that we live in a broken world. And in that broken world the only lasting and unchanging thing we are going to find hope in is Christ. And that’s a reality I’m comfortable living in. #realityishard #whatsyourhopein #JesusChrist

Now… Tomorrow begins the rotation of bridesmaid dresses.


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