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Quarantine Day 61

Day 61.

Week 9. Day 4.

It felt like 91 today. And I loved it.

1. Got to visit with some friends this morning. They are coffee pros. I won in this scenario. #sogood

2. This little guy. He’s 4 now. When he was 2 I worked pretty hard at getting him to flex his muscles and loudly state, “Welcome to the gun show.” I was sitting on the couch today across from him and wouldn’t you know it…. All of a sudden, he showed me his muscles and said, “Welcome to the gun show.” What can I say… I’m a great influence. #justsayin

3. This is what failing at adulting looks like. I broke today and finally mowed my lawn. Now why I decided to do it in the heat of the day when it was 90 out, I have no idea. Feel free to once again question my sanity.

4. Decided to try a cucumber mint one today. Surprisingly good. #target

5. And yet another black one. #dressesfordays


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