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Quarantine Day 64

Day 64.

Week 9. Day 7.

Tomorrow starts week 10. I saw a picture of a boutique today and I just wanted to be right in the middle of all those racks of clothes. I miss stores with pretty things. I might have a problem. #shopping

1. Got to do something I’ve never done before. I got to give my very first shot to this cutie. Two times. I was way more excited about this than I should have been. I’m basically a doctor now, you guys. Just kidding. This is as about as much as I can handle. But I love that he trusted me enough to let me do this. And I love him.

2. My friends definitely know the way to my heart. Got a surprise visit from this friend and a nice cup of coffee. And by nice cup of coffee, what I mean is like really good coffee. He’s like a coffee pro. I should also note that I crashed him and his wife’s house on Monday and had coffee then too. Love this family!

3. “Because God is Sovereign, my life is never out of control, and because he is my Savior, he blesses me with everything I need to live in the middle of things that are beyond my control. He is a sovereign Savior, which means I don’t need to fear because he is with me and he provides everything I need for the places where his plan leads me. He rules, and he graces me with everything I need to live inside his rule with peace, hope, and courage. Why, then, should I fear?” I don’t care where you stand on whatever subject that is out there today. This is a truth worth holding onto. #truth #Christ

4. Best greeting ever. Got to see these two cuties today for the first time in months! #lovethem

5. It feels like pink and orange seem like a good mix for today. #dressesfordays


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