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Quarantine Day 65

Day 65.

Week 10. Day 1.

Week 10. I can not believe that we are starting 10 weeks since this all started. And when I look back at the last 9 weeks…. So much has happened. And some of the best things have involved adventures with my lovely friend Brooke Rolfe. Tonight did not disappoint.

1. We had plans to go for a run. On a new trail. Now the caution tape might have been meant to mean do not cross, but we obviously just assumed that it was meant to keep cars off the path. We were wrong. #oops

2.And as we started on this run, we soon encountered this man… carrying an ax. Now he seems much less intimidating standing next to large machinery. And it seems to make sense now. But when we rounded a corner and saw this man walking at us carrying an ax…. Well I don’t watch horror movies for a reason but I was sure I was about to live one out.

3. We recovered and went on our way, but when we came back… we were greeted with three strips of caution tape instead of one. This time we knew we were supposed to keep out…. But…. our car was on the other side of that caution tape. There were profuse apologies as we ran by the man with the ax a second time. #sorry #forreal

4. And we definitely found ourselves in a downpour. But when the night ends with this promise from God… well I’d say that’s a win. #rainbow

5. This dress feels well…. Very summer picnic-ish. #dressesfordays


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