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Quarantine Day 68

Day 68.

Week 10. Day 3.

Stay Home Stay Safe. Safer at Home. I think today officially became just Stay Safe. I think. I’m not entirely sure. I’m also undecided as to how long to keep my daily count up. I do, however, know I can’t end on 68 haha. I’m going to need a good number. 75 maybe. Or maybe when salons open. We shall see. I’m just hoping there’s not a quarantine part 2 at this point.

1. These cuties are persevering through their last week of school. Which means summer is almost officially here. And with the temps coming our way this week summer is getting more and more exciting. You can find me by the pool.

2. There wasn’t much landscaping at this house that I didn’t rip out But this bush…. Well the lovely soul that planted it I would like to thank. Walking around to the side of my house and seeing this beautifulness… well that has to make you smile. #sopretty

3. And pretty things need to be admired. #flowers #anddressestoo

4. Round two of landscaping bricks. 100 brick at 11 pounds each. I’ll consider that my workout for today. The home depot guy didn’t think they would fit it my car. I kindly informed him that they would and that the payload of my vehicle would also hold it. I was pretty excited to use the word payload. And guess what, friends... They fit. With room to spare. #justsayin

5. Black. Because you can’t go wrong with a black dress. #dressesfordays


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