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Quarantine Day 8

Day 8

Week 2. Day 1.

Sunshine. 60 degrees.

I often joke that whoever said you can’t buy happiness has never been in a tanning bed. Because let me tell you, that 10 minutes of light and heat makes me oh so very happy. As an adult who now realizes I’m not invincible and has a healthy fear of skin cancer... I try to refrain from that form of happiness. And so I have to wait for the sun to come out and the weather to warm up…. The joke is on me of course… I live in Michigan. But when it happens… I feel it in my soul. (Of course we could go into some discussion about choosing happiness or joy versus letting our circumstances dictate that, but I’ll save that for another post)

1. But when it happens….. Today was that day. Sunshine and 60 degrees. And look at this little surprise I found by my porch today. This one little flower makes me feel like there is hope in the chaos that is life at the moment. Of course there is always hope but it's nice to see something that so visibly represents it sometimes. #springishere

2. And guess how I found that surprise on my porch….I WENT OUTSIDE TODAY!!! Fresh Air. Warm. Fresh. Air. It was a lovely thing. I went outside with the thought that I would just clean up the leaves off my landscaping. So fun fact. I do not have a green thumb like at all and landscaping is not my thing. I know what looks good.. but I have no idea how to get there. So my cleaning up the leaves somehow turned into just ripping out all of the landscaping. SO MUCH IVY. EVERYWHERE. It needs to be gone. All of it. In my defense the landscaping probably shouldn’t have even been called landscaping at this point. Overgrown weeds would probably be a better term. #nogreenthumbhere

3. You’ll all be thrilled to know my pantry is clean and organized. My biggest problem with organizing things like this is that I tend to want everything to look like the shelf with the mason jars on it. I just feel like everything in life should fit into a nice container that coordinates with all the other containers. It never seems to quite work that way. I blame pinterest. #iloveorganization #organizationfrustrations

4. While cleaning out my pantry I found some jalapeno M&M’s. Jalapeno’s are a vegetable right?!? #yes #theanswerisyes #justtellmeyes

5. Bridesmaid Dress #2. This one was for my sister's wedding. Another black bridesmaid dress. These brides were kind to us with bridesmaids dresses that wouldn’t come back to haunt us one day. I’m thankful for that. It should be noted that she did not allow me to wear the pink shoes and pink jewelry for her wedding. Quarantine seemed like a good reason to break those out. #pink #allthingspink #bridesmaid

That is all.


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