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Quarantine Day 9

Day 9.

Week 2. Day 2.

216 hours.

I have apparently been talking to Alexa too much. At night I have Alexa programmed (or maybe she has me programmed?) so that I say, “Good Night, Alexa” and she tells me the weather, my calendar for the next day (we’re not going to talk about how there is currently nothing on my calendar), and turns off my bedroom lights. Last night though she did something new. After going through the normal routine, she told me she would talk to me tomorrow. I don’t know if this is terrifying or comforting.

1. Well... I finally got all of my 2000 puzzle pieces turned over and separated. And then this happened. I lost a piece of my puzzle to my coffee. Don’t worry I saved it. The coffee and the puzzle piece. I’m unsure as to which one is more important. #coffeeismylovelanguage #puzzlesuperpowers

2. I can’t decide if I love or hate working from home. It certainly has its perks. But ya know… no people. I realize for some of you that would be a perk. Not so much for me. Well, most days. There are certainly those times where I lack grace and shouldn’t be allowed around people. But I’m looking forward to Sunday! We’re trying out something new and going live! If you don’t have another church to gather with at 10:30 this Sunday check out South’s Facebook page! #technology #goinglive #herestohopingitworks

3. Oh my word. What a glorious day it was outside again today. I took advantage of this nice weather and attempted to continue to work on my “landscaping”. Is it bad that it looks worse now then when I started? I did however fill several lawn bags and dug up and moved these rocks. Just playin’ in the dirt over here. No biggie. #notagreenthumb

4. And then this happened. Enough said. #thisisthelife #sunshineplease #happiness

5. And I continue my game of dress up with this fun one. I love dresses. I’ll refrain from telling you how many dresses I actually own. I truly believe though that the problem isn’t the number of dresses that I own... it's just that I need more reasons to play dress up. #dressesfodays #ormonths #dressup

Tomorrow is day 10 guys! Double digits! I feel like I have accomplished something great.

As Alexa apparently now says… Talk to you tomorrow!


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