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The Why Behind the Wait

I might not have a clue what my life looks like at the moment, but I do get to wake up to this every morning for the time being…. So… I’ve definitely got that going for me.

Today’s blog post involves a little history lesson.

I suck at history. In high school, I’m pretty sure all my history teachers were just there to coach sports. I mean... there’s also that whole you don’t really appreciate history at that age, buuuuut I’m just going play the victim in this scenario and go with I learned more about sports in history class than history.

And you guys, I can’t wrap my head around the actual game of football. I'm not dumb, buuuuut something about it just doesn't quite sink in. But I love going to games… I went to them all the time when my brothers played. But please note... I had one purpose and one purpose only for being there… such great people watching! Not quite as good as the beach, buuuuut....

Of course, that is when we could still go to games.

I’ve learned so much in the last few months as I’ve dug into the Bible. I grew up in church. I’ve heard all the stories. I’ve listened to so many sermons. I’ve memorized verses. I’ve read the books. And yet, I’ve been continually blown away by the things I didn’t know and the details I totally missed.

I get a little frustrated sometimes because the way some people present and talk about the Bible can make you feel like you have to be a Greek scholar or super educated to understand it.

You don’t.

Don’t get me wrong… there’s that whole the more you know thing. #knowledgeispower

Anyone else have a NBC, 'The More You Know' Logo and Sound Chimes going through your head right now? #childofthe80s over here.

But... the Bible is meant for each one of us to be able to open and understand. I had someone recently say to me that the Bible is shallow enough to wade in and deep enough to drown in. A little bit of a cheesy statement, but I can’t argue with it. Simple enough for a child to understand (as long as you pick the right translation!). Complicated enough for stupid smart scholars to spend a lifetime studying.

I’m pretty comfortable not being Greek scholar smart. Just sayin’.

So that history lesson…

Between the Old Testament and the New Testament 400 years passed. There are 400 years where essentially God is silent. The Old Testament is filled with miracle upon miracle, fulfilled prophesies, incredible people who God used to do incredible things. And then God kind of just goes quiet for 400 years. God’s people knew a promised savior was coming but… 400 years goes by... and nothing...

What the?!?

I mean that takes waiting to a whole new level.

And as I’m deep in this season of waiting that the Lord has me in... I learned something pretty cool about those 400 years.

There are 5 significant things in history that happened during those 400 years. I’m going to list them for you... annnnnd theeeen... I’m going to blow your mind. #youvebeenwarned

1. Alexander the Great basically conquered the world. And when you conquer the world you get to have the name Great.

I can think of a few human beings right now where I’m pretty sure that is their ultimate aim. Bill the Great??? I’m not sayin’ which Bill... but I’m just going to throw that one out there.

Anyway… Because Alexander the Great conquered the world, for the first time in history, there was a common language. Everyone would have had at least a small understanding of the Greek language.

2. During this time, the Old Testament, originally written in Hebrew, was translated into Greek.

3. During this time, the Socratic Method began. The Socratic method was basically teaching people how to ask questions and critically thing.

Yes, friends, one has to be taught how to critically think… I’ll let you draw your own conclusion on what to do with that little piece of information.

Actually, nope, do the world a favor... teach your kids how to ask questions and critically think. For the love of all things... Please, please, please teach them how to critically think.

4. During this time, the Romans conquered the Greeks. Through wars obviously. But once Rome conquered Greece, there really were no wars and what this meant was that the Romans put all their efforts into developing things… specifically roads and transportation.

5. And finally, the Diaspora was taking place. This was the scattering of the Jewish people all over the world.

Ok… so what does all this mean?

Wait for it…

(Sorry had to throw that one in there since this is all about waiting).

Ok! Here we go…

For 400 years God was silent and his people waited… but during that 400 years…

People for the first time spoke a common language, the Old Testament was now available in that common language. People were being taught how to critically think and ask questions, travel was accessible and somewhat easy, and God’s people were spread throughout the world…

You guys!! It’s the WHY behind the wait.

During those 400 years God worked to provide the Bible in a language everyone could read... to people who now knew how to ask questions about God and who he was... and could now read God’s Word for those answers. He provided roads and transportation so people and news and information and His Word could more easily travel and spread from place to place. And he had his people ready all over the world....

So that...

At the end of those 400 years...

When Christ, the Promised Savior was born...

The world was ready to hear this GOOD NEWS of the one who would give up his life for theirs if they choose to believe!

Ummm… How cool is that?

I have a lot of whys in life right now. And even though I have no idea what the Lord is going to do, what he is going to have me do, or what he is doing right now, I can hold tight to the truth that…

There is always a why behind the wait.

And while I am waiting...

God is most definitely working!

And to wrap things up here today… I’m just going to throw this one out here with this one little hashtag… #foryourhealth

I’ll be sitting over here with my hand on my forehead. What the #hearthealth ? What the #obesenation ? What the #healthyliving ? I could keep going, but I'll stop.

Don't hate me.

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Mar 27, 2021

Dave needs to get fb just to read your blog 🤔

I often read them to him 😊

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