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Three Little Words

And today in my memories appeared my very first coronavirus meme. And a solid meme it was. Friday the 13th. Daylight Savings Time. Full Moon. Remember that Friends? The tag line was 'Who the h@#% is playing Jumanji?' Little did we know that was only level 1. A year later... I think we're still playing. Can someone please tell me exactly how this game ends? Or how many levels there are? And is there a winner? I’m legitimately excited to open my timehop memories tomorrow to see what appears. These memes were a bright spot in the chaos of life a year ago and I expect nothing less from them the second time around. I mean this one wasn’t too far off.

1. I’m basically livin’ the dream over here. This is how I’ve been greeted every morning. I think they might want human food. I prefer to think though that they just made the long walk up here from the barn to tell me good morning. Don’t worry, friends, the animals aren’t actually talking to me. And if I can’t be greeted every morning by a good looking male attached to a ring on my finger I supposed this will do. Til chicken soup season. Theeeeeen..... I’m going to need a new game plan.

2. You guys. It happened. When I was 20 I went to the eye doctor and he told me I was good to go and to not even worry about coming back to see him until I was 40. In January, I turned 39. In February, I had to buy reading glasses. I’m so sad.

3. What is happening in my life? I don’t even have words. There is a dog in my bedroom. Never ever in my whole life has there been a dog in my bedroom. Except when I was 22... and my parents bought a dog... and it walked into my bedroom and peed on the carpet and then walked out. But today I, of my own free will, let this dog into my bedroom. I think I may need intervention. I literally have no idea what is happening in my life.

4. I mean have you really eaten popcorn if you haven’ eaten Dill Pickle Popcorn. I'm kind of a fan of all things dill pickle and this did not disappoint.

5. I found this sign today. Three Little Words. PRAY. TRUST. WAIT. It was obviously made just for me. Those three little words are in no way, shape, or form little though. And in that sense, this sign is definitely mocking me. I also think I passionately hate two out of three of those words. But... I bought the sign and I’m currently staring at it.

As I’ve read though the Old Testament one thing that has stood out to me over and over and over again is the fact that… OH MY WORD…. The Lord likes to make people wait. Which is kind of ironic (I think… we’ve established that thanks to Alanis Morissette I actually have no idea what irony really is). So it’s kind of ironic because…. We live in a world where the art of waiting has been totally and completely lost. We are all about instant gratification. I mean... thanks to Amazon Prime I find myself slightly irritated when I order from anywhere else and they don’t have the package at my house within two days. The reality is when we want something we can pretty easily get it. And when we can’t….. #somanyemotions

I’m constantly in awe of the story of Abraham in the Old Testament. When Abraham was 75, God promised to make him a great nation, to make his descendants as many as the stars. And... To make one's descendants as many as the stars obviously involves one being able to reproduce as least one child, right?!? You need children to have descendants. Abraham and Sarah had none. And 25 years pass and Abraham and Sarah are still childless.

25 years. Guess I shouldn't complain about waiting, huh?

And 25 years later, God gave them a timeline….. In a year, Sarah will have a son.

And both Abraham and Sarah laughed. It was laughable. She was 90. He was 100.

Not only was it laughable, it was impossible.

But God does the impossible. And if you keep on reading in Genesis you learn that he did do the impossible.

Recently someone shared a statement that has stuck with me:

God’s will and God’s timing are not always the same thing.

Abraham knew this well... as did so many other people that we read of in the Bible. And the one thing I see over and over and over again is that when people try to make God’s Will happen in their timing… well, without fail... it is a disaster. That doesn’t mean you do nothing. When you don’t know what to do, you do the next thing… And in the process… PRAY… TRUST… WAIT.

Easier said than done for sure.

And in case you need one last thing to laugh about. There are two dogs laying on the floor next to me as I type this. One is snoring (I’ll share with you what snoring does to me one of these days) and the other I'm pretty sure is farting because I currently can't inhale without gagging. I’m dying over here. Save me.


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