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Ummm... No.

This shirt started out as kind of a joke. Life has been pretty crazy and wading through some of it has been completely exhausting. There’s often two solutions when life hits this point. The first is the one I hate hearing the most and one that only those closest to me can get away with saying. #forreal #youvebeenwarned

“It’s for your sanctification”.

And by ‘get away with saying’ what I mean is that choice words also often follow in response to that wise advice.

The second solution is to learn how to say no to certain things. #thestruggleisreal #ummmno

Ironically #maybe #isntitironic As I was with a friend word vomiting life, we came across this shirt. It seemed appropriate and funny at the time.

Now, two weeks later and in the midst of pandemic chaos, it leaves me wondering if we can just #ummmno everything going on? #prettyplease #coronavirus #socialdistancing #quarentine #noTP #crazy


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