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Yes I will

You guys! My life was kind of boring today. Well, boring in the sense that I didn’t lose an animal that’s not mine, I didn’t get bit by any strange creatures, and I didn’t have to clean up anything that made me want to vomit. I think I might be a little disappointed.


All you serious March Madness people out there can breathe a sigh of relief. My logo team picking attempt has me in a solid last at this point. Unless this is one of those scenarios where the least amount of points is the winner. In that case, I’m winning. Let’s go with that.

Today was Sunday. And on Sunday, we gather with the church. This Sunday was special because this Sunday we got to celebrate how God has worked in several people’s lives and I got to see two friends, a husband and wife get baptized today. And that we celebrate. Their story is one that brings tears to my eyes. I know, I know… me crying these days is beginning to mean very little.

I did however have someone offer to cut the onions for our taco bar for our family event this evening so that I, at least, wouldn’t have to cry over that. How great is that you guys?!? Haha. I definitely laughed out loud and allowed them the privilege of cutting those onions. Fun fact: It has been a mission of mine to work the word bar into every single event that I do. Haha. No reason in particular.... this has just become a little game. So far we’ve got a coffee bar, popcorn bar, ice cream bar, taco bar, cookie decorating bar, caramel apple bar and candy bar. I’m open to any other ideas you might have.

But seriously, check out this service if you get a chance (the service start about 10 minutes in). The testimony videos are so encouraging to watch, of course you’ll also get to see my cameo as the announcement girl. Haha…. Maybe I’ll be a news anchor in the future. I feel like that could be fun. And those censoring information... well I think they would have a field day with my opinions.

And as I sit here typing this I realized I have voicemail messages on my office phone. Uhhhh…. Anybody else like… What are voicemails?!? Confession… I don’t listen to voicemails... like at all. It doesn’t even register that they are there. So having finally realized that I have some there I attempted to listen to them. I need a code apparently to listen to my voicemails. But good news, I reached into the back of my brain and recalled it... only to find a voicemail 10 minutes long… from a sweet older lady who had about 10 seconds of information and then 9 minutes and 50 seconds of trying to figure out how to hang up the phone.

Coffee, I need coffee. Tried some Wild Mountain Blueberry Coffee today recommended from a friend. Now my whole office smells like blueberries. Does it get any better than that?

And in case you need to smile… I stole this stud today. How cute is he? If this face doesn’t make you smile, you’re basically dead on the inside. His face…. Not mine. Though if mine makes you smile, I suppose I'll keep you around. But seriously, check out that little smirk. He's like, "I got this, friends."

Today we ended our church gathering with this song. Yes I Will. I love this song. This song is one that I have had on repeat many days when I was deep in the hard this year.

All the feels...

I count on one thing

The same God that never fails

Will not fail me now

You won't fail me now

In the waiting

The same God who's never late

Is working all things out

You're working all things out

Of course, there's that lovely word wait again. So. Much. Waiting.

But in the waiting... He never fails and works all things out. I'd like one of that please.

That is all.

So... for a boring day I did pretty good on words today huh?!? Haha

Good night, friends.


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